Discovering Dakini

Allow the light of awareness to touch the shadows and hidden beauty in you, quickened be your heart and opened be your soul to love as you go deep within and quietly surrender to more of what brings you pleasure, peace and joy through the deeply satisfying experience of learning Indian Temple Dance, – an ancient way of expressing devotion to The Divine. Welcome to my Autumn Goddess Offering…

For poetic and cosmic souls, a special weekend of women (and men if this resonates) united together in spiritual practice ~ a journey through yogic dance enjoying physical movements with symbolic meaning and spiritual significance for self-transformation, strength and grace.

Experience the POWER of LOVE and TRANSFORMATION through this ancient, devotional dance tradition known as ODISSI. Enjoy exploring “YOUR INNER DAKINI” with us in October. Dakini you ask? . . . It is Sanskrit for Sky Dancer!

Dakini is the Goddess of life’s turning points. Distillations of archetypal emanations, the Dakinis represent those essence principles within the self which are capable of transformation to a higher octave.

“The fierce dancing dakinis embody and activate the powerful and transformative energy of the feminine. When you think about it, we really don’t have that kind of image of spiritual enlightenment in our western world, reflections of female divinity that are active, dancing, fierce, free, and wild. By activating the dakini power within us, we will have an inner resource that should never be underestimated.

What we’re really doing is taking a part of the psyche that’s been relegated to the unconscious—the fierce, powerful feminine who has become repressed—and we are bringing that energy forward, through dance, and exploring that energy’s potential for enlightenment.

The dakinis tend to push us through blockages. They appear during challenging, crucial moments when we might be stymied in our lives; perhaps we don’t know what to do next and we are in transition. Maybe an obstacle has arisen and we can’t figure out how to get around or get through—then the dakinis, Your Inner Dakini, will guide you. If in some way you’re stuck, the dakini energy will appear, rise up within you, open the way, and push you through.”

– From “The Sacred Feminine” by Lama Tsultrim Allione

Introducing ODISSI. . . a path of devotion, love and surrender.

The Timetable

10 – Opening Circle: arrival, sign-in, meet and greet, orientation, opening circle, introductions, intentions
10:30 – Shamanic Dance Journey: exploring the depth and wilderness of soul, a guided “Sky Dancer” free-form movement meditation
11 – Flow of The Sacred Heart: vinyasa flow yoga and temple dance warm-up exercises
12 – Intro to Devotional Dance: postures, energy isolations, and mudras
12:30 – Break for Lunch – enjoy something nourishing, rest, digest, and play with Mother Nature!
2 – Integrating The Divine Masculine: 10 steps to generating your soul power through vigorous, martial art inspired movement and steps – for deep cleansing, releasing, healing, transformation. Strengthen your mind and body, cultivate your fire, passion, and ability to channel your divine will.
3:30 – Break – take rest, relax, journal, meditate
4 – Integrating The Sacred Feminine: 10 steps to re-birthing innocence and new ways of being; exploring your hips, curves, and heart chakra. Learn to soften your body, mind, and heart through strong, powerful, graceful movement for a swift and gentle entry into the female heart of compassion, self-love, self-respect, wisdom, beauty, sensuality and grace.
5 – Yin Yoga: allowing the light of awareness to touch the shadows and hidden beauty in you; quickened be your heart and opened be your soul to love as you go deep within and quietly surrender to more of what brings you pleasure, joy and peace – followed by a 30 minute Savasana Sound Bath, the “Sky Dancers” journey into expanded conscious awareness, new realms of beauty and dimensions of oneness and love.
6 – Closing Circle (farewells on the last day).

Minimum 8 women registered in order to run the workshop. Experience is not necessary to take part, it is accessible to all levels of experience.


  • Morning Movement Meditations: accompanied by the sacred sounds of Tibetan singing bowls played by professional sound healer and Shaman, Robert Blackmore
  • Full Days with Sheena and Robert: learning and experiencing the yoga of Indian classical dance and its power to transform old patterns of self and world
  • End of Day Shamanic Sound Healing: journeys for deep integration, rest and “out of this world” RELAXATION

Please prepare and bring your own food. Vegetarian diet is recommended to support your Sadhana (spiritual practice), to remain light.

Dress Attire: Modest, light loose cotton pant or legging for freedom of movement, longer tunic style shirt or tank top is good. Clean face and pure fabrics are recommended for health of body while detoxing through sweating. Bring extra change of clothes in case needed.

About Sheena

Sheena distills her extensive yoga training, western dance background and Indian classical dance experience into techniques for yogic study to assist women in achieving a dynamic, transformative, and graceful physical practice that honours the body as a temple and the earth as sacred for awakening the Goddess (and Dakini) within.

About Robert

Enjoy Odissi Devotional Dance; Goddess Tara Workshop Video: