U t p a l a p a l o

U T P A L A P A L O – the initial inspired thought for co-creation.

Let us do Flamenco and Odissi Dance Performances together. May we engage and unite the senses of audience and dancers through the creative channels of live music, visual art, feeling sentiment, story and dance.

U T P A L A P A L O is the revelation of a secret power found, contained and channelled through the blue lotus flower, Utpala ~ akin to our blossoming as artists and the “womb” of creative potential, the feminine and night of the heart ~ Utpala is a symbol of the victory of the (creative) spirit / life-essence over the senses.

When the spirit of creation is awakened within the heart, we are no longer distracted by the sense doors of limited perception, rather we are absorbed by/through/in the experience of them moment to moment – taken ever deep into a treasury of creative powers and universal wisdom. Here we can enter a unified state of consciousness, aware of the Oneness that pervades all things because we are now present to life’s ever-unfolding gifts of creation.

In some schools of thought, the blue lotus is never in full bloom, and its centre cannot be seen. The artist archetype can relate to this as his/her creativity is never in full bloom but is always blossoming, longing to express the most profound, deepest sentiments of the spiritual heart that cannot be seen.

Oneness, a state that allows all distinctions between self and world to dissolve, this is where the separation between artist, art and audience dissolves too… where all participating life energies find themselves in a timeless, egoless zone… a space of love, mutual appreciation and joy, a place where magic and the unknowable are intimately embraced.

A poem later written for a piece to reflect a story we wanted to tell. 

Mother, at your lotus feet of blue light, the bee of my mind has become delighted by a distant rhythm I hear calling my heart. It is drinking the honey of inspiration – and I feel it permeating my entire being; my body, mind and spirit. This royal bee of mine wishes to drink no other honey but that which is graced by a far-away land!

O Mother, since flying over all the distant gardens of my fancy, enjoying the honey of all magnificent sense pleasures, at last I found the ambrosia hidden in my own lotus-heart.

I have been a busy bee, soaring through fields of cultural art, music and dance, inhaling the breath of beautiful experience; now I will roam no more, for your fragrance Divine Mother – has quenched the perfume-thirst of my soul.

The result… 

A collaborative choreography by U t p a l a p a l o performance group that combines Odissi Indian Classical Dance & Flamenco. This item depicts a cultural music and dance migration story, honour universal patterns found through dance, explore roots and parallels, delve deep within our own hearts to achieve a higher conscious connection and understanding of the divine relationship between land (the earth) and her children, the people. The soul will always desire to express itself through creation.

The dancers reflect a unique LOVE STORY between Mother India and Spain in this item, the kind of love that is akin to a mother’s love and wishes for her beloved daughters soul to soar.

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