Guru Mangalacharan

This is an invocation to God seeking blessings, The dancer enters the stage in Puspaputa hand and stands in Tribhanga with flowers in combined hand ‘Anjali’. Dancer advances in graceful steps, to the front, following the rhythm from the Mardal and most respectfully offers the flowers, by dropping those on the stage. This action is known as Kusumanjali. Then the dancer sits on the forefeet (toes), touches Mother Earth (stage) as a mark of respect where after the hands move over the eyes, fore head and finally over the head. This is Bhumi Pranam.

The next step is salutation to God, teachers and the audience by placing folded hands over the head, on the face and the chest respectively.

The recitation follows the rhythm and the the dancer expresses the meaning of the Sloka through hand movements and Bhavas. Since all the components of histrionics are incorporated, this items comes under Natya.