My Teachers


My first dance teacher was a remarkable lady named Carol Ann. She taught for over four decades, makng her mark as a role model and mentor as head of Hanson School of Dance (Eston, Kindersley, Elrose, Sk. Canada). Her accomplishments were many: Carol Ann was a registered RAD teacher and an ADAPT jazz teacher in addition to holding membership with the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association as a stage examiner and an examiner for the Saskatchewan, Alberta and Atlantic provinces. Carol Ann was recognized as an Honorary and Lifetime Member of the CDTA (Saskatchewan Branch) and was also bestowed the organization’s highest honour: the National Award.

Carol Ann Hanson is no longer with us physically but her spirit, her laughter and her dance lives on in my heart. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to realize my greatest passion throughout the 15 years of study and practice I experienced at Hanson School of Dance. My life’s purpose was also born from this passion. For this and countless other reasons, I am eternally grateful to my first dance teacher. Thank-you so much Mrs. Hanson.


The institute, OMMKAR KALASHRAM, a premier dance institution in Orissa, India – is being managed by Guru Padma Charan Dehury who is also the Chairman and is presently operating at his own residence as its headquarters. Classes are being conducted for aspiring dancers and students from far and wide come to be trained here. Ommkar Kalashram also organizes workshops and lecture demonstrations for propagating Odissi and has been quite successful in inculcating a sense of commitment within its disciples. Dancers of Ommkar Kalashram have performed at almost all the major national and international dance festivals.

I am very fortunate and blessed to have met an Odissi dance Guru.

It was during my first experience of training with Odissi Guru, Padma Charan Dehury (Pushkar, India 2015), during the intense study and practice of the ancient temple dance that a pure spiritual essence was felt, familiar but long forgotten feelings of love and devotion overcame me and I immediately pledged my dedication to immerse myself in the Odissi tradition. I finally felt the long awaited pull towards devoting more of my time, energy, and life to dance. I had uncovered something of metaphysical depth,  profound meaning and mysticism through Odissi because the very devotional nature and focus of it penetrated my heart. As a student and teacher of yoga for several years already, I had always resonated more strongly with the path of Bhakti. I had finally found my path and most authentic expression of my devotion toward The Divine.