School of Dance

Celebrating The Divinity of Each Child

Dance, theatre, art, yoga and martial arts combined – welcome to my children’s program that includes a variety of unique offerings like Odissi Indian Classical Dance and Traditional Hatha Yoga Practices that honour, recognize and celebrate the perfection of every child.

Weaving mythology, story telling, music, singing, poetry, play and yoga into each class… the material instructor Sheena shares is gathered from the culmination of her professional and personal studies within the Yoga and Odissi dance traditions of ancient India, as well as 15+ years of classical dance training in Jazz, Tap and Ballet and styles of Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre.

Sheena has created a movement based curriculum for children and youth that positively channels the mind and body, assisting them in developing physical, mental and emotional balance, strength and grace, courage and a joy for learning, expressing, creating and growing into happy, positive and confident individuals.

Indian classical dance (and yoga) provide a powerful and genuinely fun experience for kids to experience love as the primary creative force behind the physical actions they take in class which then transfers into daily life and the actions they take in the world.

With Odissi and Yoga as the framework and primary foundation from which Sheena teaches her classes, both the modern and ancient dance forms she’s been trained in and inspired to introduce to the Kaslo community explores how thoughts, feelings and actions affect the destiny of oneself and the whole planet at large. Therefore, her students not only learn dance as a new language and way to express themselves, they also learn and directly experience how taking good care of their bodies, minds and spirits can help guide them through life’s challenging bits… love and self respect creates greater peace and happiness within!

Sheena is passionate about offering children and youth the space, time and opportunity to learn cultural dance as a new language and healthy mode of expression. She creates a fun learning environment where all in attendance can safely explore their own divinity, creativity and authentic Self.

Core Values: Unconditional Acceptance, Love and Wisdom

Students Learn:

  • ODISSI Indian Classical Dance: basic steps, footwork, exercises, postures, mudras (hand positions) Please note that this is a classical art-form, LIKE BALLET, promoting, fostering and requesting a certain level of commitment, focus, right effort, self discipline, desire (enthusiasm) and love for the practice in order to fully benefit from and adequately develop the agility, strength and grace required to master Odissi technique.
  • Mother Earth Prayer Dance: a short dance item that students learn that symbolically represents their love, gratitude and respect for our planet
  • Sun Salutations and Yoga Asana: for promoting body-mind and breath awareness while in motion / movement, cultivating flexibility, strong healthy body and calm, balanced mind
  • Breathing and Meditation Techniques: life-skills and personal development
  • Discovering Indian Culture and Mythology through Story Dance: children will learn a choreography throughout the year that tells the story of the elephant headed god from the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha – this is an expressive item that tells a story through dance, movement and song (students will have the opportunity to perform at the year end performance)
  • Exploring Facial Expressions, Stage Presence and The Yoga of Emotions: learning effective ways of expressing the feeling sentiments of a dance while exploring the spectrum of human emotion to create dynamic performance art
  • Rhythm, Technique and Refinement of Classical Art: students will learn rhythm-based technical skills of the dance to cultivate their ability for fast footwork and the refinement process of dance postures and mudras – working with varying speeds and progressive, advancing combinations or short routines that will positively challenge their technique
  • Odissi Theory: introducing the language of Odissi and the drum that accompanies practice and traditional performances as presented in India – students will learn the translation of the Ganesha choreography song or versus recited in Sanskrit or Odia language into English
  • Optional Bollywood or World Dance Fusion Choreography (with opportunity to perform at year end performance)


Normally, a yearly tuition fee for the dance season (September to May) can be split into monthly payments (9 payments). COVID has called for making adjustments to the schedule and accommodations to the fee structures. Please inquire for current updates.
All students (normally) have the opportunity to participate in a year end performance celebration.
45 – 60 Minute Classes Tuesday – Thursday @ 4pm
1 class weekly – $540/Season
$60/month (9 payments)
2 classes weekly – $936/Season
$104/month (9 payments)
3 classes weekly – $1188/Season
$132/month (9 payments)
Tuition payments can be taken at the studio by cash or email transfer to: with DANCE written in the subject line. Thank-you!