Goddesses of Peace

Odissi Devotional Dance Workshop

Join me for this soul inspiring 2.5 Hour Yogini Workshop for WomanPeace is an all-loving power that carries and supports you completely. Relax into the arms of Divine love; and breathe away all cares, concerns, and worries. Put your focus into enjoying and appreciating the blessing of your body and express your gratitude through devotional dance. This ancient Indian temple dance form known as Odissi honours and respects the body as a temple, while the Creator resides within.

In these two hours give all your cares and worries to Heaven. Pray. Meditate. And dance. Like yoga, Odissi dance is a peace-enhancing activity that engages body, mind, spirit, and soul. It is both strengthening and playful, and in all ways balancing.

Feel at peace with your body, strengthen your faith and devotion, and trust in your own divinity and femininity beautiful goddess. Let us celebrate through dance, the gift and mirror of nature and of each other as reflections of The One Goddess… and move quickly into LOVE and joyful celebration for life and all of God’s creation on planet earth!

  • Meditation, Pranayama, Temple Goddess Workout
  • Yogini Asanas; foot head neck body hand positions (mudras)
  • Intro to Chouka: honouring the Divine Masculine, generating soul fire for healing transformation, cleansing and strengthening
  • Intro to Tribhanga: honouring the Sacred Feminine, a soft and swift entry into the female heart of compassion, beauty, sensuality and grace within
  • Learn Lord Shiva Prayer Dance – utilizing postures and symbolic hand gestures to depict a story / prayer

Dress Attire: Modest. Flowy. Pure fabrics if possible. Light loose pant or stretch legging for freedom of movement, longer tunic style shirt or tank top is good and Dupatta – Indian Scarf (OR any scarf you have at home to tie around the waist). Bring fresh change of clothes in case needed after workshop.

Bring water bottle, journal and pen.*

To book a “Goddesses of Peace” workshop for your sisterhood / community, please contact Sheena @ 306 881 8949 or email: soulfiregeneration@gmail.com