My Odissi Journey: A Tribute to My Gurus

In gratitude and as a tribute to my teachers, I would like to share a little story about the beginning of my path in Odissi. This journey began not that long ago when India sent whispering winds from her eastern coastline along the Sea of Bengal. Her desire was to spark a memory…. the memories of an ancient art-form, an expression of devotion, love and … Continue reading My Odissi Journey: A Tribute to My Gurus

Importance of The Dance Tradition in Society

Spirituality is the core of Indian Art. This photo is from our June 7th, 2018 Show in Saskatoon – A collaboration piece by Utpalapalo performance group that combined Odissi Indian Classical Dance & Flamenco. Our attempt was to depict a cultural music and dance migration story, honour universal patterns found through dance, explore roots and parallels, delve deep within our own hearts to achieve a higher … Continue reading Importance of The Dance Tradition in Society

Lord of Dance

Prayer to Lord Shiva Divine dancers sing / chant this prayer at the start of every Odissi dance practice. It is felt within the heart and meditated upon. Please enjoy. Angikam bhuvanam yasya Vachikam sarva vangmayam Aharyam chandra taradi tam Namah satvikam sivam. Lord Shiva, Whose limbs are the world, Whose song and poetry are the essence of all language, Whose costume is the moon … Continue reading Lord of Dance


Being a great dancer is not just a matter of technique; it is not just being impeccable in your movement. It is understanding that the dance is the extension of your own limbs, your own body, mind and spirit. Inspired by Lynn Andrews teachings about what it means to be a great warrior, a great swordsman. Odissi devotional dance is the way of the Warrior … Continue reading Receptivity