The Story of Allah-Hu

Allah-Hu is both the name of a song and of a collaborative item that fuses Flamenco and Indian Classical Dance. It is a dance about Allah, or God.

Allah-Hu is a Sufi chant, which simply translates to “God Is”. It encompasses the essence of Islamic theology; God cannot be compared to anything, He simply IS. The Arabic word Allah translates to “The God”. There is a tonal improvisation in the song that is taken from classical Indian music.

Our first performance (Folkfest India Pavilion 2017)... stopped everyone in their tracks, which is not easy to do at the India Pavilion as food is served in the same space as the performances and there are many distractions for the audience. We performed this item twice a day all 3 days with awesome praises throughout. By the 3rd day we had people coming up to us saying that they heard about All-Hu at a different pavilion and had to come and see it. The pavilion committee treated us very well and expressed sincere sentiments of joyful appreciation for the piece. They expressed that they were honoured to have us Flamenco / Odissi dancers, dancing to a Sufi song (extremely cross-cultural), at their pavilion representing India.

This item impacts it’s viewers so profoundly. When something comes together effortlessly and harmoniously is it bound to have a beautiful affect on the world. Many of the dancers who perform this item also talk about the joyful, energizing, and blissful feeling they get when they perform Allah-Hu.

There are so many factors that make this collaboration transcendental for both the performers and the audience, some perhaps metaphysical in nature since the name of God is repeated throughout the song. I am grateful to Kari for trusting her intuitive prompting to honour this inspiration unapologetically. We dance it for joy and to uplift the spirits of those around us. Whether people realize it exactly like this or not… it truly is a spiritual experience for all.

To this day, we are still receiving invitations to perform this item. Suddenly it is now expected that we perform Allah-Hu wherever we are invited. We are told that it simply must be part of the program.