Lord of Dance


Prayer to Lord Shiva

Divine dancers sing / chant this prayer at the start of every Odissi dance practice. It is felt within the heart and meditated upon. Please enjoy.

Angikam bhuvanam yasya

Vachikam sarva vangmayam

Aharyam chandra taradi tam

Namah satvikam sivam.

Lord Shiva, Whose limbs are the world, Whose song and poetry are the essence of all language, Whose costume is the moon and the stars… we bow to Him the benevolent One.

The world is same as Shiva’s body. He understands every word and language, His language is Universal. He is adorned by the moon and stars, they are His ornaments. I pray to Lord Shiva and recognize Him as myself with hope for attaining Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

My body is the world, and it is my temple. I use my pure body, speech and mind for peace (shanti) and harmony. My words can also be like the words of the Divine; sweet, good and true. I am made of the stars and constellations, the entire universe is within me!

I AM a spark of the Divine One, the Creator resides in my heart.



An Introduction to Odissi Terminology for Dancer to Learn

Angika (Limbs) – This is movement of limbs and body postures through coded gestures. Angika acting are of three kinds i.e. of body, of facial expressions and innovative. Head, hand, waist, chest, heels and feet are the six types in Angika. Nrutya consists of rhythm in body which establishes the characteristic sentiment and the situation guides the movement of the body.

Vachika (Spoken Words) – Spoken words are used to convey the meaning of the song or dialogue, that interprets the situation and content.

Aharya (Costumes and Make-up) – Appropriate get up, ornaments, costumes, apparel and decorative high lights are known as Aharya. This makes the dance more communicative and attractive.

Sattwika – This is to express the Bhava or State of Mind, i.e. temperament. This is an essential component.

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