Being a great dancer is not just a matter of technique; it is not just being impeccable in your movement. It is understanding that the dance is the extension of your own limbs, your own body, mind and spirit.

Inspired by Lynn Andrews teachings about what it means to be a great warrior, a great swordsman. Odissi devotional dance is the way of the Warrior Goddess. It is akin in likeness and relation to any martial art form that creates balance and harmony between the masculine and feminine, within and without, above and below.

In order to find the balance now days, often times the dancer is learning to honour her female side. She is learning to build her integrity, her wisdom, and her strength.This can only be done with receptivity to the earth’s power.

Receptivity allows one to set aside their thinking and go swiftly to the heart of the aim, goal, mark or intention. Power is always the same, as truth is always the same, and the source is always female.If the {dancer} does not understand her power as a woman, the power of the female, the receptivity of life, the womb… that {dancer} will not be very powerful.

So, part of being a divine dancer, a devoted warrior goddess on the planet… is to become receptive to the aim, goal and intent. When she has an important goal or mark, whether it be personal, other or society focused (all same thing), or simply a state of being* ~ she must make a place for that, whatever THAT is to live within her own body. She must know where it lives in her body.

These things are important, because if there is no place for the goal, the state of being, or the desired outcome to live within her, she will be unsuccessful in her efforts to achieve the very thing(s) that is important to her.

We speak of {healing, love, joy} peace. This is comfortable and easy to do. It is comfortable and easy to talk about making peace, making love, giving love, giving action out into the world. That is where the mind is comfortable, and the ego is very comfortable with that idea, because in fact ego is mind. It is a much more difficult thing to put oneself into a humble stance and receive that love, receive peace into one’s own heart and being.

From SHAKKAI – Woman of the Sacred Garden by Lynn V. AndrewsI have applied the teaching to dance as the mode (inserted bits) and the “Women of the Sacred Dance, Odissi”.

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