Odissi Dance & Yoga

Relationship Between Yoga & Dance

“If someone goes deeply into art, or anything worth-while that they really enjoy, up to the extent that they forget themselves, they can find the truth through that. In that way dance is a yoga. But in yoga, only one person can enjoy the meditation. In dance, if the dancer is fully involved, she can take the entire audience with her to that state of bliss. Yoga means to be fully involved. There is power in it.”

– Bala (Classical Indian Dance Guru)

Odissi Classes distill Sheena’s extensive yoga training, western dance background, and Indian classical dance experience into techniques for yogic study, assisting Odissi dance students in achieving a POWERFUL, dynamic and GRACEFUL practice.

Recommended for increasing quality of life and health, for producing feelings of happiness, satisfaction and joy. Odissi dance and yoga opens body, mind, heart and soul to new ways of being, existing and living in the world. Both traditions attune one to the natural rhythms and cycles of body and breath, the earth and the stars, nature and the natural self, the higher Self and God.

Even during the early stages of an Odissi dancers training she tries to attune herself to the spiritual dimensions of the art, using the dance as a means for inner development. She respects, honours and protects her body (and the planet) as a sacred temple, discovering with each meaningful step her own power as a divine dancer – a Goddess of the Earth.

Cultivate, embody and radiate all the divine qualities / energies that naturally awaken within the heart of every Odissi dancer as her personal commitment, understanding and awareness of her Self through the art form deepens and grows with love.